Custom Projects

I love working with clients on custom pieces!
If you’re interested in having me turn a piece of family china into jewelry or if you’re looking for matching sets of jewelry for your wedding or for gifts, I’m happy to work with you to make this happen!

How it works:
  1. Send an email to: and tell me what kind of china you have (if possible, please include a photo of your china) and I'll work with you to choose the style that will be best-suited to your china 

  2. Send me the china (with tracking please!) also, please note that prices do not include the cost of shipping the china to me, or the return shipping charges.

  3. Your finished jewelry is ready in approximately 2-3 weeks! (Please note that these times can change depending on the number of custom orders I'm currently working on.)

There is an additional 25% charge for custom orders. Prices are based on the prices of the pieces currently available in the shop
(ie: a custom medium sized pendant in silver toned stainless will be $52CAD plus 25%.)
Thanks so much!