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Primrose Adjustable Bracelet • Alfred Meakin

Primrose Adjustable Bracelet • Alfred Meakin

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This lovely broken china necklace is handcrafted from a vintage 1930's Alfred Meakin plate and showcases an orangey red primrose on a cream background.


Primroses are one of the birth flowers for February, making this pendant the perfect gift for your favourite February-born jewelry lover!


• In Scottish folklore, primrose flowers are said to help to forge a connection between humans and the enchanting realm of fairies and that placing these delicate flowers on your doorstep is said to invite fairy blessings into your home!


The broken china has been cut and thinned by hand and is securely set into a durable stainless steel bezel, which is attached to an adjustable stainless steel snake chain bracelet. A protective coating completes the piece, ensuring longevity and a polished finish.

Your bracelet will arrive, ready for gift giving in a handy vegan suede pouch along with a polishing cloth.

• China Pattern: Alfred Meakin • circa 1930's
• Design: An orangey red primrose on a cream background.
• Bezel + Bracelet Material: 18k gold plated stainless steel
• Charm Size: 12mm
• Bracelet Length: Adjustable to 23cm diameter (9")

Note: Due to the nature of the vintage china, each piece may have slight variations, unique marks or crazing in the original glaze. Designs on small batch pieces may vary slightly.


Founded in 1875, Alfred Meakin Pottery produced tea sets, earthenware and semi-porcelain dinnerware until 1976. The company quickly gained acclaim for its intricate patterns, often featuring dainty florals and intricate motifs.


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